District Industrial Potential Report of Bankura (2003-04)

  • Bankura District extends over an area of 6882 sq.km. which accounts for only 7.75% of the state area of 88752 sq.km.

  • Demographically, the rate of growth of population is 13.79% as against the states average of 17.84% during the period 1991-2001 census.It ranked 12th among the districts of West Bengal in population and its density is 464 persons per sq.km as against the state population density of 904 persons per sq. km. as per 2001 census Bankura ranks 12th in literacy with a literacy rate of 63.84%. The states literacy rate is 69.22%. Workforce constitutes 37.93% of the total population and the remaining 56.32% are non-workers.

  • The district is predominantly considered as an agricultural district. The agro-climatic condition is facilatated by the presence of a number of rivers like Damodar, Dwareskeshwar, Gandheswari, Kangsabati etc. the agri-marketing outlets are in abundance along with  irrigation facilities.

  • In terms of infrastructure, the district lags behind in many aspects apart from electricity. Due to the installation of Mejhia thermal power plant, the district now has abundance of power . Though the district has one industrial estate in form of Bishnupur Industrial Estate, no more industrial estate has come up   inspite of the existence of sufficient having open space and resources. Another growth centre exists at Barjora.
  • There was a growth of 22.03% of SSI units over the period 1997-2001 in the district. The SSI sector lacks product diversification and technological up gradation. Some of the existing units are very old and require large scale modernization. There are only 5 large & medium industries out of which majority are suffering from  sickness.
  • During the survey, it was observed that small scale sector suffers from lack of economies of  scale , unlike the large scale units. Moreover, in the context of liberalization and growing domestic and international competition, this sector needs support through promotional policies of credit and technology.
  • One of the main problems of the SSI  units in this district is the lack of subsidy which has not been provided over the last two years in the district and also the marketing channels which are also not suitably developed.
  • During our market survey, we identified ten prospective venture that the budding entrepreneurs can take up after analyzing the resources available in the district.

  • Entrepreneurial competence is necessary to succeed in any venture. The district is endowed with talented entrepreneurs . Keeping in view the challenging entrepreneurial opportunities at present and in future in national and international level it is of paramount importance to promote management skills of the budding entrepreneurs through counselling and training so that they succeed in their endeavor.

          Prospective Industries:-

                  1.  BAKERY
                  2.  COLD TYRE RETREADING
                  3.  RICE MILLING

                  5.  AGRICULTURAL TOOLS
                  6.  ROOFING TILES

                  7.  CRUSHED STONE